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Looking beyond Webster Ink: Sustainability from farm to factory

When you choose Webster Ink you support a business that is constantly working to reduce its negative impact while increasing its positive impact. A simple concept that’s complex in execution. Here are the factors we focus on, both in ourselves and the vendors we work with:

  1. Local and Community-Enriching. All things being equal, we prefer to work with local people and products. We also appreciate the importance of being an active member in the various communities we are a part of.
  2. Fair. We treat others the way we’d like to be treated. And we look to work with people who do the same. This includes fair employee compensation, work conditions, and hours. We offer products from manufacturers who are committed to sweatshop-free labor. We also have apparel which is made sweatshop-free in the USA.
  3. Ecologically Sound. In-house we do the basic but important things like recycling, reducing waste and conserving water. We’re also proud to source about half of our electricity from solar panels we own and our founder Evan drives to and from work carbon-free in his electric car!  We like to work with vendors who are doing the same. You have access to a vast range of products which are made using sustainable sources like organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled plastic bottles. One of our favorite t-shirt manufacturers makes organic tees in Texas and can dye them using natural dyes.

Sustainable custom screen printing apparel.