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family reunion t shirt

Celebrating With Family and a Cool T-Shirt: The Webster Clan Reunion

The Webster clan met in West Virginia last year for our first family reunion in quite a while.  We celebrated with a custom t-shirt:   The “W” stands for more than Webster.  One of our family members, 10-year-old Augie, creates incredible wheelchair art with the help of family members, classmates, and teachers. Augie, who has […]

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custom promotional flag temple israel

Custom Promotional Flags for Temple Israel in Boston

Clients are full of brilliant ideas.  Temple Israel in Boston runs a special program for mothers in their congregation, Families with Young Children.  Temple Israel came up with the idea to use flags so that group members could easily identify each other (things can get chaotic when you have a lot of young children!).  The […]

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crossfit tshirt

Maxed Out: Vagabond CrossFit Goes Hard

Vagabond  CrossFit is known to be a little intense, and this tee is no different.  We used their favorite American Apparel tri-blend shirts with a special tonal design, blue-on-blue ink.  The custom-designed artwork was aggressive and racy, just like CrossFit workouts should be.  You can check out the other work we’ve done for these incredible […]

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vagabond performance logo branding

Vagabond Performance: Creating a Bold Brand Logo

Vagabond is a CrossFit gym, and one of our repeat customers.  They wanted to drum up excitement for a new initiative, and asked us to help them with the branding.  The “Vagabond Performance” logo was create to have a bit of grunge, and a lot of bold. We think it’s up to the task. Because […]

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Boston Medical Center Clinic’s Logo Design, Before and After

The Boston Medical Center plays an integral role in keeping Boston residents healthy and safe. Project TRUST was started as one of the city’s only free walk-up street STD clinics. The clinic is truly intended to be used by the people. As such, the Boston STD Clinic sees visits from prostitutes, to college students, and […]

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custom screen printed cheer shorts

Customize Your Cheer (Squad) With Creative Cheer Shorts

The letterman jacket.  The coveted team number, passed down from the legendary senior player to upcoming underclassman star.  From banners and posters, to facepaint and homemade signs – there’s no doubt that what we wear and adorn ourselves with to show school spirit is important! This rings even more true when it comes to your […]

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The Golden Rule for a Successful Screen Printed T-Shirt

You have lots of specific questions. But the one question you have in the back of your mind is “How do I make an awesome t-shirt that everyone will love?”. Hmmm … that’s tricky, but this should help: The number one thing to keep in mind is your goal for the t-shirts. Before worrying about […]

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over the zipper screen printed sweatshirts for crossfit gyms

A Guide to Unique Screen Print Locations on Apparel

If you’re in the mood for adventure and want your apparel to really stand out, we’d love to help you make that happen. We’ve worked on lots of screen printing projects involving unique print locations and we never force customers to think inside the box! Sleeve print. Whether you’re screen printing on a short sleeve tee, […]

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A Great Guide to Where to Put Screen Print Designs

Like most customers, one of the first questions you ask yourself is WHERE is our design going to go? Sometimes it might be an almost subconscious question because you settle on a standard location, like the front chest immediately. If you know exactly where you want your screen printing to go, that’s great! If not, let me break […]

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Great Custom Hand-drawn Artwork for

Hand-drawn artwork makes for great screen printing! We recommend you submit your own or work with us for a custom t-shirt design with your exact goals in mind. This is an example of a business working with us. The company is Boston-based tech company They participated in last year’s Tech Gives Back citizenship event. […]

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