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Today I talked to an employee at the Brookline Chamber of Commerce. I wanted to make sure that printing apparel in a residential neighborhood is OK. The person I spoke to said that it is completely fine as long as I (a) don’t modify the outdoor appearance of the property and (b) don’t conduct business […]

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Vegetables into Textiles

A second mention in the New York Times “Year In Ideas” has to do with tee shirts. This time they’re talking about a plant that might grow a ready-to-use textile!

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Bulletproof T-Shirts

To screen printing insiders a “bulletproof” shirt is a negative term to describe a shirt with an overly thick coat of ink. This makes the t-shirt less comfortable and desirable. But this literal use of the phrase represents a crazy advancement in t-shirt technology and uses. And t-shirts are already so ubiquitous that that’s really saying something!

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