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Coolidge Corner SQRZ T-Shirt Introduction

Poor old Coolidge Corner is unique. It’s the only part of the SQRZ t-shirt (and hoodie!) line which is not an actual “square” in name nor is it in Cambridge or Somerville like the others. So to make sure it doesn’t feel too left out I’m introducing it first. When I first heard of the […]

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Business Insurance Update

I went for a rainy walk today at the Arnold Arboretum, where I learned to ride my bike as a kid. It’s been raining in Boston for three days straight and a normally tiny stream was completely overloaded with water. Not only had the stream turned into a mini whitewater rapid, but it had also […]

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Got my DBA (Doing Business As) license

I’m a sole proprietor, so I don’t have an official corporate name. Legally, in order to do business under a name other than your given name, you have to fill out a DBA form. How this works exactly depends on where you live. In Brookline, it’s very easy. I went to Town Hall, filled out […]

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