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Coolidge Corner SQRZ T-Shirt Introduction

Poor old Coolidge Corner is unique. It’s the only part of the SQRZ t-shirt (and hoodie!) line which is not an actual “square” in name nor is it in Cambridge or Somerville like the others. So to make sure it doesn’t feel too left out I’m introducing it first. When I first heard of the SQRZ idea from Christopher Stetson Wilson I knew that Coolidge Corner had to be included. People who live in  Brookline – and even those who don’t – have a strong affinity with the area. Furthermore all of our t-shirts are hand-printed in Brookline so it only made too much sense to include Coolidge Corner in the original line-up of SQRZ.

The Coolidge Corner SQRZ can be purchased at our favorite local book store and online from the dedicated SQRZ website. Orders from the Greater Brookline Area will be dropped off via bicycle within five days whenever possible (if we’re out of stock or you live in Alaska this will not be possible).  But don’t let living in Alaska stop you from ordering, the fine folks from UPS will do what we cannot on bicycle – and the shipping is still free!

Without further ado here is the official introduction of the first member of the SQRZ line: Coolidge Corner, Brookline, Massachusetts: