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Davis SQRZ T-Shirt Introduction

You learn things when you print topographical maps for a living. One thing that I learned about Davis is that it should not be called a square at all, if you’re basing your names on reality that is. Don’t let this misnomer continue! Wearing a Davis SQRZ shirt will reveal the truth that is being […]

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Harvard SQRZ T-Shirt Introduction

Harvard Square can be summed up in one word: chaos. It’s chaotic on the street level: a combination of excited undergrads, international tourists, fancy restaurants,  cool boutiques, huge buses, scrappy bicyclists and lots of cars. This exciting confusion is nicely (or infuriatingly, depending on your perspective) paralleled by the arrangement of the streets in Cambridge’s […]

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Central SQRZ T-Shirt Introduction

Central Square in Cambridge is beautiful for its simplicity. It’s been said that the design looks like a hockey stick – and we’re OK with that if you are. I like simplicity and will show that with this introduction: Central Square:  The Brooklyn of Cambridge. The Central SQRZ can be purchased at our favorite travel […]

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