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Davis SQRZ T-Shirt Introduction

You learn things when you print topographical maps for a living. One thing that I learned about Davis is that it should not be called a square at all, if you’re basing your names on reality that is. Don’t let this misnomer continue! Wearing a Davis SQRZ shirt will reveal the truth that is being concealed on a scale somewhat similar to the Area 51 cover-up: Davis is a circle. I know it’s jarring to hear, but it’s true. Free Somerville from its fate of ignorance!

The Davis SQRZ can be purchased at our favorite meta-named boutique (Davis Squared) and online from the dedicated SQRZ website. Orders from the Greater Somerville Area will be dropped off via bicycle within five days whenever possible (if we’re out of stock or you live in Arkansas this will not be possible).  But don’t let living in Arkansas stop you from ordering, the fine folks from UPS will do what we cannot on bicycle – and the shipping is still free!