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Harvard SQRZ T-Shirt Introduction

Harvard Square can be summed up in one word: chaos. It’s chaotic on the street level: a combination of excited undergrads, international tourists, fancy restaurants,  cool boutiques, huge buses, scrappy bicyclists and lots of cars. This exciting confusion is nicely (or infuriatingly, depending on your perspective) paralleled by the arrangement of the streets in Cambridge’s most prestigious square. We hope to have done this chaos justice in our most recent SQRZ release. Let us know how we did!

The Harvard SQRZ can be purchased at our favorite travel boutique (Passport) and online from the dedicated SQRZ website. Orders from the Cambridge Area will be dropped off via bicycle within five days whenever possible (if we’re out of stock or you live in Alabama this will not be possible).  But don’t let living in Alabama stop you from ordering, the fine folks from UPS will do what we cannot on bicycle – and the shipping is still free!