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Custom T-Shirt Diary 2: Title Town Sports

The first of my retroactive t shirt diaries: a neat job I did for a local floor hockey league. Title Town Sports, based in Newton, needed some new jerseys for the summer season. This was an exciting project because I really liked the logo and was asked to print on a wide variety of t-shirt colors. I used one large screen to print the front logo of the league and applied the back numbers with the heat press. It was a relatively simple job but simplicity is bold and usually turns out better than complex designs. And I think this is case in point.

Steve Allen, who runs the league, told me that the idea came for it came from a bachelor party floor hockey event. I guess it was so successful and fun that he decided to create the sports league to continue it. This is great and the music on the website is even better I hope they had an exciting summer session!