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Thoughts On A Screen Printing Website

I love my website. But my online image is going through some changes. This blog, in fact, is a big part of those changes. So it’s a good time to talk about what goes on behind the scenes of a small business’s website. Any website is constantly changing, either in content, design, perception or otherwise.

Initially, I was opposed to even having a website. Looking back, this strikes me as amazing, because I’m reasonably tech-savvy and reasonably young. But I really wanted to focus on my artwork and business to ensure my product was of a superior quality. I thought a website would distract me and/or my customers from the heart and soul of my work. But fate intervened. I enrolled in a small business class at Brookline Adult Education and one of the other students in the class, Marta, was a website designer . After she agreed to make my website, we set up a meeting to talk about the feel of my future site. We both were drawn to the layout of Cloud Theory, a web design firm. Check out their site: it is extremely simple yet visual, which is exactly what I needed and wanted my site to be. Marta did a great job with the initial design of my website – and I haven’t stopped tweaking it since.

I am constantly trying to balance two fundamental qualities of my website: aesthetic and ease of use.  One of the first changes I made was having Andrei Matorin implement a content management system (CMS). This makes the site extremely easy to update, add, or delete content. Andrei did a fantastic job of maintaining the original aesthetic while building the custom WordPress template that is now my website. Can you tell my homepage is a WordPress site?

One thing I haven’t changed is my web hosting. A friend, Dima Arenkov, provides the highest quality hosting I could ask for at one of the industry’s lowest prices. Having a well-hosted site gives me peace of mind and allows me to focus on what really matters: improving my visitors’ experience.

What I’m currently working on is adding features but keeping the simplicity. I want to add pricing, testimonial, and social media sections. I also want to integrate it with this blog in a way that is in line with the brand image. Separately, I am looking into way to optimize the website so it is as easy as possible for my potential customers to find. It’s tough, time-consuming work – but worth it!