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Custom T-Shirt Diary 15: Mike Frantz

One of my biggest and earliest supporters of Evan Webster Ink is a former English teacher of mine, Mary Burchenal. I took a class with her and Mr. Poon during senior year called “The Good Citizen In The Good Society”. It may have been my favorite high school class. It felt very collegiate in the sense that students were encourage to propose and defend their positions rather than dutifully write down what they were told.

I happened to run into Mr. Poon and Ms. Burchenal and told them about my screen printing business. Later, Ms. Burchenal was arranging a retirement party for a Brookline math teach, Mike Frantz. She had the brilliant idea of making shirts with Mr. Frantz’s image on them and then having some of his closest staff all wear them to his surprise going away party – all without his prior knowledge. I found it to be a hilarious plan and was happy to help out by screen printing the shirts!