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Custom T-Shirt Diary 12: Green Guild

One of my earliest jobs as a screen printer was to create some promotional tees for a Brookline green energy company, Green Guild. I actually went to them to do some contract work, but when I told them I print t-shirts that became my first task. We put the Green Guild logo on the left chest and the slogan “How Does Your House Drive?” on the back. I really like the way the comparison of a house to a car makes one realize that their house is, in fact, a finely tuned machine with lots of moving parts.

In the post about printing shirts at Walnut Street Center I mentioned bringing over a piece of equipment (a flash dryer) a couple of times. One occasion was to help make the two-color Green Guild logo. At the time I didn’t own the fancy six-color press I currently do. If you can believe it, all I used was a one color press. Walnut Street Center had a multi-color press. I had the flash dryer required to bond the ink to the shirt. So I brought over the flash dryer and printed up some great shirts.

There are so many small and medium-sized businesses in the Brookline, Boston and Cambridge area that benefit from having t-shirts printed, either as uniforms, promotional items or even to sell at a profit! I feel a kinship with the owners of these businesses and look forward to printing more apparel for the local business community.