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Screen Printing Workshop

It’s Tuesday afternoon and I’m headed back to Boston after a great couple days in Austin, TX. While seeing friends, eating great tex-mex and kayaking were great, the highlight of the weekend was a screen printing workshop.

There were three other participants which allowed for a really in-depth and personal presentation of the advanced techniques and science that were covered. And there was an amazing amount of math and science which I took note of and plan to implement at our shop in Brookline.

Besides a flabbergastingly large amount of technical learning, there was also a lot of creative thinking. For anyone in the apparel printing industry I’d recommend the workshop, run by Bill Hood and called the “School of Screenprinting”. I’m very excited to get back to printing great quality apparel in Brookline!

Many people are quite reluctant to pay money for professional development. I’m no exception, I’m probably the most reluctant of anyone I know. But attending this workshop really showed me that doing such types of education is an investment in one’s self and in their business. Just make sure it is a good investment by doing your due diligence to find someone who is a true master in your field. This applies to any industry or business; there’s no need to re-invent the wheel when there are people out there to teach you how to do it. Go out there and learn something new, your business will thank you.