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Book Recommendation: Getting To Yes

“Getting To Yes” is a book about negotiation that I presume many people feel does not apply to them. The main reason I think that is because I used to have the same thought. But having just completed the book I am here to say that it does apply to everyone and everyone should read it.

Very early on the authors make the point that people negotiate much more in their every day life than they realize. Like many other things in the book, this struck me as true. Once you start thinking about how many small and large things you actually do negotiate the importance of this book becomes immediately clear.

Another thing I like about the book is that it does not claim to be some sort of secret that you should know and prevent your negotiating “opponent” from learning. This is a book that you actually want the person you are negotiating with to read. Over and over the idea of mutual benefit is talked about it.

Most importantly, you will become a much better negotiator. This doesn’t mean that you will start acting like a lawyer on a television program. Good negotiation lies in understanding your principles and interests and those of the group you are negotiating with. With that in mind everyone will benefit, most importantly, you.