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Custom T-Shirt Diary 17: Pardon My French

Printing a detailed image of the eiffel tower was one of the earliest technical challenges I faced. Larry Gurry, the Brookline teacher leading a student exchange trip to France, along with four student representatives worked with me to create a great t-shirt that would be sold to fellow students and parents to help supplement the cost of the trip. It was a great idea for a way to raise money and I was eager to collaborate with them. I worked hard to overcome some technical difficulties and ended up making a pretty neat t-shirt: white ink on a dark navy shirt.

Each student going on the trip was responsible for selling five t-shirts. Some of them managed to sell all five shirts before I even printed and delivered them! It’s great to use my screen printing to help the community make such useful and important trips feasible – especially now that I am much better prepared to print very detailed images!