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Job Opening at Evan Webster Ink

Evan Webster Ink is looking for someone to help with keeping track of what is going on in the screen printing world. We want to be a big part of that community and continue to bring breaking and interesting news to our community via this blog, social media and other sources.

This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in graphic design, marketing, sales or the fashion industry. This is a paid position, the exact amount is dependent upon the ability of the candidate. Hourly range will be somewhere between $8 and $50 per hour. Yes, this is a large range, and is reflective of the range of applicants out there. If your service are worth $50 per hour to Evan Webster Ink we are happy to pay it.

The type of work will undoubtedly change with time and circumstances but for now it will begin with listening to what is going on in the screen printing world, interacting with other members and exposing potential customers and collaborators to what Evan Webster Ink offers. Someone who is comfortable interacting with a wide range of people via a different kinds of media is required. We anticipate there being between 5 and 15 hours of work in an average week, but there could be more if the candidate is able to find additional places and tasks to spend time and effort in talking to folks about Evan Webster Ink. In the “additional comments” section of  your job application form please mention how many words are in this sentence. The vast majority of this work can be done with just a computer, internet and phone, so we will accept applicants from anywhere in the world. This job could in fact become a full-time job if the right person, with experience and ability in marketing and sales, is able to demonstrate the benefit of them working forty hours.

Our interest is to find your strengths and use those. We are a very flexible company and enjoy working with people who share our company’s passion for happy customers, quality, and innovation. To apply for this job please fill out the form below:

Congrats, you’re all done! Please be patient as we sift through responses to find candidates to follow up with. We will email you within a week to inform you of your status.