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Two Surprise Benefits of Focused Work

Everyone knows that working in a focused and efficient manner, no matter what your task, is advantageous. This is because you simply get more done in less time which leaves you with extra time to spend time with family, have fun or do other important tasks.

But there are two other related benefits that are not as obvious and do not get as much attention but are equally important. The first one is that once you start to master being able to consistently do focused work it becomes much easier to see it in other people. There are, of course, factors other than focus that influence who you work with. But it is certainly helpful to see which t-shirt vendors, wedding planners, caterers, painters, or whomever you buy services from, work the most efficiently.

The other benefit is that often times people can see it in you. If you make accomplishing tasks your priority with collaborators or customers most people are able to recognize that, and respond in kind.

Thus there are three main benefits to doing focused, efficient work. And the best part is that the three things work in conjunction to really make your productivity fly!