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Custom T-Shirt Diary 29: Dudley SQRZ

The Dudley SQRZ t-shirt was something my designer, Christopher Stetson Wilson, and I had been pondering for a while. We’re constantly kicking around ideas for new t-shirts designs. But we didn’t end up actually making the Dudley shirt until after receiving an e-mail from a die-hard SQRZ fan. She had purchased a Central SQRZ t-shirt and liked it so much that she wanted one made for some of her co-workers. Their office is located in Dudley Square in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood. Because this was something we’d been considering already I jumped on her idea of making a custom Dudley shirt for her and her co-workers.

I’m really excited that our focus on local Boston area designs and neighborhoods is resonating with people!
T-shirt depicting Boston, MA Dudley Square.