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The Secret Benefit of Doing a Giveaway for Good

A lot of thought went into the launch of our recent giveaway (for details on that click here). I thought about who would benefit from some free t-shirts, how many t-shirts we can reasonably afford to give, how to present all the information to people, how to spread the word, who is eligible to win the contest, etc. Basically, how to actually do something positive for folks and also be good for Evan Webster Ink.

The contest is just 24 hours old and I’ve become aware of a completely unanticipated benefit of doing something like this. Just hearing about all the great things you all are doing is a dramatic source of inspiration. There are organizations that I would have never come in contact with were it not for this giveaway. But we have been connected and seeing the grassroots efforts of so many passionate and enthusiastic people is a huge boost. So thank you for what you do. Don’t stop. Keep on doing it. And if your movement would benefit free t-shirts check out the contest and fill out the three sentence application.