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Win Free T-Shirts in the Guess & Get Cool Stuff Contest

We’re excited to launch the Give & Get Cool Stuff Contest! With such a great public response from the 2% for Good Free T-Shirt Giveaway, we decided to extend a contest to our individual fans. Join in this fun group guessing game for a chance to win Evan Webster Ink merchandise and more. The more participants there are, the better chance of solving the picture-puzzle earlier and the greater the grand prize.  Share with all your friends: no matter who solves the puzzle, every participant is eligible to win the grand prize.

Every day for the next seven days we’ll upload a new photo to the contest album. The picture from day 1 is posted above. Participants enter the contest by ‘Liking’ the album. And each time you ‘Like’ an individual photo in the album, you’re granted an additional entry to the contest. The grand prize winner will be randomly selected (weighted by # of likes) on July 28th.

Here’s the cool part: The size of the grand prize is in your hands. The earlier the subject of the photos are identified via Facebook comment to the photo, the greater the prize for the eventual selected winner. Guessing correctly both benefits you and the randomly selected grand prize winner (which are not mutually exclusive). Solving the puzzle earns you a bonus prize and determines the randomly selected grand prize as shown below.

Grand Prize Key

Through the combined wisdom of the community, the prize has the potential to grow to $75 towards Evan Webster Ink merchandise and a free hammock (we take national holidays very seriously).

Open to all Facebook fans of Evan Webster Ink, join in on the guessing-game fun for a chance to win t-shirts, EWI gift certificates, watermelons, hammocks and more!

 Good luck!