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Summer Highlights

A recent article about tetherball (more on that in a bit) got me thinking about the simple pleasure of a summer day in your backyard (or porch, or nearby park). I took a minute to think about what I’ve especially liked from the summer thus far. Highlights for me have been swimming outside with friends (Walden Pond and Crystal Lake), running through Millenium Park with my brother in Chicago (and the family reunion that followed) and hosting a garden-raising party in my backyard. What are some of your summer highlights?

I found out about the previously mentioned backyard tetherball article because they linked to my tetherball t-shirt design. Thinking about a backyard game – of any sort – has inspired me to make the most of the rest of the summer. Here’s to another month+ of fun in the sun!

Lighthouse on Cape Cod. Courtesy Freshmuffin Blog.

Lighthouse on Cape Cod. Courtesy Freshmuffin Blog.