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The Importance of Buying Local

In an age where we are bombarded with thousands of corporate advertisements, it is easy to get lose sight of where are money is going. It is easy to be attracted to flashy promotions in corporate ads and overlook the value independent businesses provide us, both we have to take into consideration what we gain personally and in our communities. The disappearance of local businesses leaves a social and economic void that is palpable. Dollars spent at community-based merchants is multiplied in the local economy, meaning that from each dollar spent at a local independent merchant, three or more times as much typically goes back into the local economy compared to a dollar spent at chain-owned businesses.

When asked to name our favorite restaurant, cafe, or shop, it’s typically a unique local business. Just look at your local paper’s “Best of” poll. Those businesses define our sense of place, but we often forget their survival depends on our patronage. Local owners, typically have invested much of their life savings in their businesses and take a natural interest in the community’s long-term health. So support your local businesses and keep your community thriving!