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You're a designer (didn't you know?)

Have an idea for how your design should look? Draw a rough sketch! No matter if you aren’t able to make it a final product.

We use a vector-based graphic software which is a big help to make clean and crisp graphics. And we love getting a design mock-up, rough or polished. Most importantly, the resulting final design is more authentic to your vision and style. That’s the way it should be!

We should learn from the kids. Most of Evan Webster Ink’s super custom projects came from them:

youth group screen printed ringspun tee

Temple Israel's t-shirt sported the winning design from their drawing contest.

Screen printed bat mitzvah cheer shorts

Lucy's Bat Mitzvah apparel had designs based on her chosen themes and imagery.

high school trip screen printed ringspun t-shirt

The latest Pardon My French t-shirt design featured a hand-drawn image by a high school student.

Most recently, we created a screen printed Bat Mitzvah invitation based on a hand-drawn design. We recently wrote a step-by-step blog post detailing how we took a hand-drawn sketch and turned it into the beautiful invitation you see below. Read about the process behind Nina’s screen printed Bat Mitzvah invitations.

screen printed invitations to nina's bat mitzvah