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Boston Marathon Gear

The Boston Marathon is one of my favorite events of the year. I ran it two years ago and am looking forward to spending this year on the sidelines in awe of the thousands elite and “normal” runners passing through the streets of Brookline.

I’ve seen people running all “winter” (it’s been ridiculously mild) and recently saw a woman in a high-speed wheelchair. It’s almost time for the 2012 Boston Marathon!

The Marathon is sponsored by Adidas and always features some really high-quality, advanced, gear. Check out this year’s selection.

Boston Marathon running shoe t-shirt

A running shoe. It's classic and still great. Laces are always fun to work with in a design.

In general I really like the Marathon’s diversity of useful products, clean and simple aesthetic, and majestical unicorn logo.

boston marathon 2012 screen printed hoody

A good example of the Marathon's unicorn logo.

This t-shirt reminds me of the SQRZ line of t-shirts celebrating Boston’s local heritage and unique geography.

boston marathon 2012 course screen printed t-shirt

A shout-out to the towns of the Marathon.

Boston marathon long sleeve performance t-shirt

Sleek and subtle - this is perfect.