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Evan Webster Ink Business Cards

After ordering my initial run of business cards from a big, cheap, online company I decided to do something different for my next run (even before I ran out of the previous ones!).

stack of screen printed business cards

This is a big stack of business cards, especially because the paper is so nice and thick!

This was an opportunity to screen print on paper and make my own business cards. Each card tells a little bit of the story of what we do at Evan Webster Ink: screen print useful things! While challenging, the exercise was really worth it and enjoyable. To this day I continue to get a kick out of handing out cards which I made.

screen printed business cards zoom

To read more on this, check out the blog post on Boston Handmade’s Blog: Making Paper.

screen printed business card scrap

Cutting out business cards is a beautiful mess!

There’s something special about screen printed business cards. The colors are vibrant (even on dark papers!) and tons of unique papers can be used. After printing our own we made some amazingly thick and color-popping business cards for Room 68, read about those screen printed business cards.

screen printed business cards for Evan Webster Ink, Brookline, MA.