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Fresh Off-The-Shoulder Tees

Finally, they’re here! Over the past year we’ve received countless requests for a flowy off-the-shoulder tee. They’ve invaded retail stores but until recently there were almost no wholesale options.
Boxy off the shoulder tee

The boxy tee is cut shorter, making it great for layering.

But … 2012 brought great news: a variety of off-the-shoulder t-shirts! And we couldn’t be happier with the quality and feel. These tees retail for $24 to $39 each but we buy them in bulk to make them affordable to you.

v-neck off the shoulder tee

The v-neck off-the-shoulder tee features an even more open neck than the others.

There are three short-sleeve styles: flowy, v-neck and boxy. There’s also a long-sleeve option for when it gets a bit cooler but you still want to show some … shoulder. They’re all made with detailed craftsmanship and super soft fabric.
long sleeve off the shoulder tee

Long sleeves and wide shoulders make this one stand out.

These are great for anyone who wants a supremely modern and fashionable shirt to make a splash with their community. If that sounds like you, email us! We’ll go over all the details about screen printing your logo or design on this or thousands of other great products. It’s what we do.
flowy off the shoulder tee

The flowy off-the-shoulder tee. You can see the fabric pinch in on the waist, in contrast with the boxy tee.