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Custom T-Shirts: Brookline Cross Country Running

I love screen printing tees for Brookline’s cross country running team. I ran with them way back when and am proud to see all their recent success. This year we re-printed some of their classic tees:

The first tee is given out to each meet’s “Athlete of the Meet”, the person who goes above and beyond in that day’s race efforts. This year we went with red ink on an ash grey tee.

The other reprint is especially awesome. It’s a special tee that team members earn over the summer by running hard and long. The t-shirt is customized to reflect the number of miles completed by the runner. So, some say “300”, and others say “400”. Last year someone got one with “600”. Holy cow, that’s a lot of miles.

I also really dig the slogan on the back: “Summer miles bring fall smiles.” So true.