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Custom Postcard Design: Lewis Creek Association

We recently got to design a postcard for a great organization in Charlotte, Vermont. Lewis Creek Association is a watershed organization that supports sustainable community development. They have a great logo and were hosting an awesome event (their annual party).

All we had to do was put it all together in an effective mailing.

The original logo we worked with.

We took their original logo and converted into a vector image in order to make it easier to work with and, ultimately, crisper and cleaner when printed.

The front of the postcard.

We kept it pretty simple. More clutter often leads to more confusion so we focused and conveying what the event was and when it was happening. We just wanted people to show up to the event! We also applied a beautiful blue texture to the logo. This gave the postcard a fresh look but built on the Lewis Creek brand.

The back of the postcard.

The back just contained all the details of the event with a very subtle background logo texture.

The textured logo was also used on the e-newsletter invite and signs on the day of the event. It seemed to work because it was a well attended and really fun party!