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How to Lower Screen Printed T-Shirt Prices: Increase Quantity

One way to get your custom tees for less is to order more of them. To be clear: this lowers the cost per t-shirt, but increases the overall cost so it only works for certain events / organizations.

So, how might it help you out?

  • If you’re organizing an event, order tees for your volunteers and to give away or sell to attendees.
  • Are you outfitting a sports team? Try ordering home and away jerseys. Even better, what about reversible jerseys? You could even add some tees that you sell or give to your biggest fans.
  • If you have a clothing line you can increase your order and sell the tees through boutiques, online or outdoor markets.
  • CrossFit Boxes and Sports Gyms take advantage of this inside type all the time. They print the same design but on different colors and/or styles of tees. Hey, some people like red and others like blue … sell both and save money doing it.
  • You can also increase quantity by adding a secondary item, like a hoodie. Schools or athletic teams do this all the time. Ordering a tee and hoodie at the same time can result in significant savings compared to ordering them at two different times.

We always warn against ordering more t-shirts than you need, but simply increasing the quantity of screen printed images can lower your cost per tee.

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