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Great Custom Hand-drawn Artwork for

Hand-drawn artwork makes for great screen printing! We recommend you submit your own or work with us for a custom t-shirt design with your exact goals in mind. This is an example of a business working with us.

The company is Boston-based tech company They participated in last year’s Tech Gives Back citizenship event. The idea behind the event is to expand the philanthropic reach of Boston’s technology companies. To capture the essence of the event I thought a robot holding a kid’s hand would be an attention-grabbing and fun image to print. I made a quick sketch to remember the concept (look how rough it is!):

Yea, that’s all I did to remember the idea. It’s a terribly-drawn sketch that accomplishes everything I had in mind. Next, a much more polished piece of artwork was made and scanned:

It’s pretty rad, and way better than my original sketch, thank goodness! But our work wasn’t done. It was time to play with some different color combinations to see which worked best.

The different colors were sent to the customer so they could choose which worked best for them. The chose the two-color design. So the next step was to mock up the entire t-shirt, just to make sure everyone was on the same page.

That looks good! After all that work, it was now time to finally screen print the t-shirts!

There it is. A great example of creating custom artwork for screen printed t-shirts. Want us to make some for you? Or maybe just screen print your awesome artwork? Send us an email to get the ball rolling.