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A Guide to Unique Screen Print Locations on Apparel

If you’re in the mood for adventure and want your apparel to really stand out, we’d love to help you make that happen. We’ve worked on lots of screen printing projects involving unique print locations and we never force customers to think inside the box!

Sleeve print. Whether you’re screen printing on a short sleeve tee, long sleeve tee, or even a sweatshirt, the sleeve print is a great option. This location is a popular one, especially with shirts being sold retail. It’s a subtle print that speaks volumes. On short sleeve t-shirts, you’re limited to an area of about 3.5″ x 3.5″. On long sleeves, the print area is approximately 3.5″ x 16″.
long sleeve screen print

short sleeve screen print


Inside Neck Label Screen Print. This is another very subtle print location that is extremely popular with t-shirts being sold retail. Why is this print location so great? Because it replaces a generic old tag with a custom screen printed tag that can have your design on it that doesn’t scratch your fans necks. This will help you make your t-shirt a long-time favorite.

screen printed neck tag


Butt/Bottom Seam Screen Print. One good spot for your design is the back bottom of your t-shirt or hoodie. Done right, this can be an attention-grabbing and visible spot.

unique screen printed butt prints

Over the Zipper Screen Print. The raised, metallic, and bumpy nature of zippers provide some obstacles in screen printing. They can be overcome with special equipment and deft touch. The result stands out. Having a design that can zipped and unzipped is special.

unique over the zipper screen printed sweatshirts

On the Hood Screen Print. Lots of customers these days love the idea of a screen print on the hood of a sweatshirt. It’s a visible but rare spot to put a design.

unique on the hood screen printed sweatshirts

Wrap Around, Side Seam, and Back Shoulder Screen Print. Seams try their best to get in the way of a wrap-around print. But with the right equipment and a couple of extra days production we can make this screen print work. We also like printing down the side of a t-shirt or on the back shoulder.

shoulder side and wraparound unique screen prints

Those are some of the ideas we’ve made screen printed reality in the past. What’s your neat idea? Let us know by phone (617 209 9915) or email.