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The Golden Rule for a Successful Screen Printed T-Shirt

You have lots of specific questions. But the one question you have in the back of your mind is “How do I make an awesome t-shirt that everyone will love?”. Hmmm … that’s tricky, but this should help:

The number one thing to keep in mind is your goal for the t-shirts. Before worrying about the details of design, budget, type of t-shirt, colors, sizes, etc. think about your end game. There is a dizzying amount of small but consequential decisions in a custom t-shirt project. Having your end goal in mind as a mental framework will make answers easier and quicker.

Are these t-shirts for your staff? To publicize your company? To sell at a profit?

No matter what your intent is, a great golden rule is to make your t-shirt something people actually want to wear. People have too many t-shirts so if they’re grabbing for yours as soon as it comes out of the wash in 4 years this is a huge success.

That’s the general answer. Without knowing your specific purpose nor brand essence, I’d recommend your logo being on the tee, having a great design that is more than just your logo, and using comfortable ringspun t-shirts with a comfortable screen print.

In terms of the design itself, talk to your customers and staff … they’re your best resource. You can even mock-up two designs and have a vote. The design is key … invest time and/or money in getting a good one from an artist.
Here are three great posts by Adam Nash on this issue which I pulled from in addition to my personal experience: