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A 93 Year Old Paper Boy’s Habits for Sustainable Success

Some might scoff at the idea of a paper “boy” in his 90’s; we think there’s a lot to learn. Newt Wallace has been delivering papers to the same blocks in Winters, California since 1947. His recipe for newspaper delivery success is the same as ours for custom screen printed t-shirts: an impressive work ethic combined with sprinkles of fun.

secrets to success from a newspaper delivery boy

We love Mr. Wallace’s old-school simplicity, “I don’t hunt or play golf; I deliver papers. I like delivering papers. I get to see the people I know.” But he makes sure that his job is sustainable by keeping his daily routine fun. He talks with friends along the route, buys lottery tickets at a local store, and has even worked out an enviable barter: he trades his papers for a beer at the local saloon.

To read more about Mr. Wallace, check out the great New York Time’s story about this 93 year old paper boy’s habits for sustainable success. And if you think the skills in this article are only useful for employees of the dwindling newspaper business, remember that Warren Buffet is a proud member of the America’s Newspaper Carrier Hall of Fame!