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Vintage T-Shirt Screen Printing Techniques: Distressing

Distressing: One of the most effective ways to make your screen printed t-shirt look like it’s been around (and heavily used) for years is to distress the image itself. You can do this in the design itself or by using special crackling ink!

vagabond crossfit vintage tri-blend t-shirt alternative apparel

This t-shirt features big type and distressed ink to get its vintage feel across.

vintage american apparel screen printed t-shirt

This tee does the same thing with a heavier emphasis on images. Notice also the font used to bring us back to the middle ages.

screen printed vintage wine bag corkscrew

That is one old-school corkscrew. Using vintage graphics really helps to create that vintage feel on any screen printing project. This is one more example of a distressed image, this time screen printed onto a reusable wine bag!