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Custom Screen Print Savings: Mix and Match Styles and Ink Colors

Do you think we’re crazy for wanting to save you money on your custom screen printing projects? Everyone benefits from long-term success. Working with Evan Webster Ink means you have an experienced screen printing business working alongside you, not against you.

One way we help you save money is by allowing you to screen print a variety of apparel styles using just one set up. What the heck does that mean? Volume is a big factor in screen print pricing. The more prints that you order, the lower your cost per print. But you don’t want to take these cost savings to an extreme because you run the risk of ordering more tees or hoodies than you need.

Custom screen print savings - mix and match apparel styles and ink colors school front  hoodie and tee

We encourage customers to use the same print on different items. This way you don’t have to order 300 t-shirts to get the associated price discount. If you order 100 tees, 100 tanks and 100 hoodies your price per tee will be the same as if you ordered just 300 tees. But you have a variety of items that appeal to different customers.

Custom screen print savings - mix and match apparel styles and ink colors school back hoodie and tee

Think that’s all the tricks we have up our sleeve for you today? Well if you do, you’re wrong! Here’s one more: changing the ink color is significantly less expensive than changing the design. So we encourage you to use different ink colors so that each style feels totally unique. A black hoodie with white ink will look very different than a yellow t-shirt with navy ink. But you still get the savings associated with the total number of prints.

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