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Custom Screen Print Savings: Mix and Match T-Shirt Colors Case Study

If you don’t want to hear about the small decision that saved Sanergy $150 stop reading now.

We recently wrote about one great way to save money on your custom screen print project. Today we’re going to give you some real, hard numbers to help show exactly what kind of savings we’re talking about. We’d love to give you a custom quote on your project and we’ll help you think about how to get the most bang for your buck at the same time. Now on to the case study.

ringspun cotton color change custom screen printed t-shirt for sanergy front.jpg

To keep things simple in this case study we’re not even going to consider using two different apparel styles. We’re just going to look at a screen print collaboration between Evan Webster Ink and Sanergy. We designed some superhero-themed t-shirts to help them raise funds to help their mission.

ringspun cotton color change custom screen printed t-shirt for sanergy back.jpg

When the colors were being finalized we decided to use two different t-shirt colors: a traditional grey and an eye-popping yellow. Sanergy ordered 66 t-shirts total, 39 grey and 27 yellow. If they had ordered two separate designs the cost per tee, including screen printing, would have been approximately $2.25 more. This means that they saved almost $150 by simply changing the t-shirt colors instead of changing the design. This money went a long way toward their mission of building sustainable sanitation in urban slums. What could your organization use an additional $150 for?

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