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Team Brookline’s Screen Printed Singlets in the News!

What a pleasant surprise to open up the Brookline Tab and see a big picture of three runners wearing screen printed singlets I printed for Team Brookline!

Team Brookline screen printing singlets in the Brookline Tab

It was the first time I’ve seen these particular singlets in use and boy do they look great! The cherry on top was seeing a picture of Brookline native (and Pierce alumni) Mike Burnstein running in a t-shirt sporting the logo his business, Janji. We recently recapped the Janji t-shirt screen printing project. You can see the very top of the picture, and the Janji logo at the bottom right of the folded newspaper.

Team Brookline standing in custom screen printed running singlets.

Photo courtesy Brookline Tab, Leise Jones Smyrl.

Check out the article about the new Team Brookline running program here.

I happen to be in town for the 2013 Boston Marathon and was pleasantly surprised to see all the coverage of these two great organizations which I’ve done apparel screen printing work for. Whether you’re a participant or fan (like me this year), have fun at the Marathon on Monday!