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Vintage T-Shirt Screen Printing Techniques: Conclusion

Conclusion: Using any of these techniques will help give your custom screen printed t-shirt a more vintage look and feel. But to really pull it off I recommend using as many as possible. The more the better. One other advanced screen printing technique that we do at Evan Webster Ink is the Soft Touch print. When screen printing by hand you can control to amount of pressure on the squeegee. By using light pressure the ink doesn’t come through as much which really makes the t-shirt look vintage.

vintage waterbased screen printed faded t-shirt

Check out the yellow t-shirt in the picture above. The ink on it is pure black and was printed recently. But it looks like it has faded due to lots of days at the beach. I printed a series of these t-shirts and the coolest thing is that each one is slightly different because of the soft touch screen printing technique.