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Custom AP Biology Apparel: Let your clothes do the talking

Ever heard of that phrase ‘Geology Rocks’? It’s usually on a bumper sticker or on a tee around school. Well it certainly gave geology a bit of limelight so maybe it’s biology’s turn. If you can come up with a biology pun then ask us to stick it on a t-shirt and it’ll give you fond memories forever. If you need some inspiration, or just a laugh, then Google ‘Biology puns’ to get some ideas.

If the whole AP Biology class is up for custom apparel then maybe have the names of everyone across the back and the name of the class on the front. Is your heart split between English and Biology? Write a biology themed haiku and have it printed across the top side of your sweatpants.

You didn’t pick AP Biology for no reason, so whatever you want to say, say it through your apparel. Stand up for your school’s reputation and splash their name across the back and your name and class across the front. Don’t forget that words mean a lot but font means a lot too so you can boost whatever you have to say with the coolest fonts around. You’re the designer, so if you design your font out of tiny drawings of mitochondria the only we’ll say is, ‘awesome!’.

AP Biology is no mean feat, so get wordy and show off your achievements.

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