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Unique Custom Summer Camp Apparel: Making clothes that matter

You know when you’re digging through your drawers and come across a t-shirt or some pants that take you right back to a place in your past?  Maybe that awesome summer a few years ago, or the time you accidentally walked through the middle of a water fight and walked home soaking, or when school ended and everyone signed each other’s clothes. It’s great when clothing becomes more than just something to cover you up or keep you warm; when it becomes a physical memory, something to be proud of and reflect on. How about keeping those memories clearer with unique custom summer camp apparel?

Stage Soup Camp custom screen printed t-shirts

With summer camp season in sight, now is the perfect time to start getting creative with your camp clothes and make some memories. From yoga pants to board shorts, tank tops to performance sports tees and all the way to snuggly hoodies, we’ve got it covered. We’ve still got three years until the Olympics, why not get running with some screen printed athletic mesh shorts? And you won’t get cold afterwards wearing custom super comfy heavy-duty sweatpants! But if it’s the water not the track that makes you happy, well, we can even make you custom printed bathing suits too.

HAPHI summer camp screen printed tee

We know that this isn’t a ‘one-t-shirt-fits-all’ kind of world and strive to find you exactly what you want – whether that’s a v-neck, a scoop neck, a running tee or even a really soft tee to sit and play tiddlywinks in! Gone are the days when all you got was a standard t-shirt with the same old font splashed across it; we’ll work with you to put your design onto the style of clothing that you want to help make your summer camp a truly memorable adventure.

Where's our custom screen printed t-shirts?

Where’s our custom screen printed t-shirts?

And you know what? Drop us a line in a few years when you pull out your summer camp 2013 clothes and they make you smile.