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When Should I Use Better Quality T-Shirts for Screen Printing?

When you pick out the day’s t-shirt, the chances are you’re going to choose the one that fits best, is the most comfortable and looks good to boot. No matter how much you love the band or design printed on it, the uncomfortable tee is never the most appealing. The same is true for all the wearers of your brand’s screen printed t-shirt. Better quality t-shirts mean that people are more likely to wear you t-shirts out in public, meaning more visibility for your company or organization.

A higher quality t-shirt can mean a number of things. A better brand, ringspun cotton, made with organic materials, sweat-shop free. Think about how each t-shirt fits into your company values and whether an upgrade could increase the likelihood of achieving your goals. For example, if you can say your t-shirts are Made in the USA, will that sit better with your organization’s target audience?

High quality t-shirts often bear increased price tags, which can be off-putting, particularly to small businesses and charitable events. The good news is there are a number of premium alternatives that easily combine wearability and comfort without draining your budget.

Want t-shirts that are soft, comfortable, durable and affordable? Makes sense. We screen print on a vast array of different tees, from Bella+Canvas to Royal Apparel, so drop us an email and we’ll happily help you work out the right balance for you, as well as your audience.

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