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zoom-in on rostro de cristo screen print volunteer t-shirts

Rostro de Cristo Custom Volunteer T-Shirts

Rostro de Cristo’s reason for existence is to give to others.  The organization draws lay volunteers and retreat participants from the Boston, MA Catholic church to serve among those less fortunate in Ecuador through education, social services, and health projects.  We worked with Rostro de Cristo when they wanted to give even more: this time, […]

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custom screen printed cheer shorts

Customize Your Cheer (Squad) With Creative Cheer Shorts

The letterman jacket.  The coveted team number, passed down from the legendary senior player to upcoming underclassman star.  From banners and posters, to facepaint and homemade signs – there’s no doubt that what we wear and adorn ourselves with to show school spirit is important! This rings even more true when it comes to your […]

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Custom AP Biology Apparel: All biology fans, speak now

AP classes can be daunting but they are worthwhile and customized AP apparel is a versatile tool. If you’re currently studying AP biology, let younger students see the benefit and the pride you have in it by wearing an AP inspired design. This way, when it’s their turn to choose their classes, they’ll remember the […]

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AP Biology custom screen printed t-shirt back

Custom AP Biology Apparel: Diversity is the key

Think ‘custom clothes’ and t-shirts usually spring to mind but if you’re in a lab that awesome design might be hidden away. Put your design where people can see it, so how about on your lab coat? We can print designs on pretty much any apparel you like and lab coats have always been a […]

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Cow stomachs custom t-shirt idea

Custom AP Biology Apparel: Picture This

When it comes to images, biology has pretty much got it covered. Sure you can have a print of a bird or a tree, but what about all those microscopic things you spend so much time looking at or labeling in your notebook? You can get pretty arty with molecular biology or genetics, how about […]

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