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Custom AP Biology Apparel: All biology fans, speak now

AP classes can be daunting but they are worthwhile and customized AP apparel is a versatile tool. If you’re currently studying AP biology, let younger students see the benefit and the pride you have in it by wearing an AP inspired design. This way, when it’s their turn to choose their classes, they’ll remember the team spirit they saw in your AP biology class.

Fundraising is a great way of spreading community cheer and support so if your AP biology department need some new materials, why not wear and sell custom AP apparel and hold a community event for donations? Maybe get outside in your AP hoody and teach kids from the local elementary school about the wildlife in the area or why flowers open up in sunlight.

Teachers are one of the best sources of inspiration; their enthusiasm can make students go from disinterested to acing their class just by showing them how cool the world around them really is. So if you’re a teacher, get your class bonding by asking us to print a range of clothing that suits your teaching style.

Whatever part you have to play in education, you know it’s important, so shout about it and let your apparel do some shouting too.

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