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Custom AP Biology Apparel: Diversity is the key

Think ‘custom clothes’ and t-shirts usually spring to mind but if you’re in a lab that awesome design might be hidden away. Put your design where people can see it, so how about on your lab coat? We can print designs on pretty much any apparel you like and lab coats have always been a bit lacking in the creativity department.

When you’re out and about think casual clothes; tees, tanks and sweatpants. Biology is typically depicted in green, brown and blue, but don’t forget that it includes the whole spectrum. Light green tank with an image in pale yellow of the food chain and the human in rainbow stripes? Go for it.

AP Biology custom screen printed t-shirt back

Field trips can be cold so how about a customized long sleeve tee? Or you could be lucky enough to go somewhere hot so we’ve got that covered too with shorts or tees with breathable cotton fabrics.

Biology textbooks are heavy, notoriously so. Get your design on a bag and never misplace your books again. Shoulder bag, messenger bag, backpack – whatever your needs, we’ll give you a killer product to support you in your studying.

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