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Custom AP Biology Apparel: Picture This

When it comes to images, biology has pretty much got it covered. Sure you can have a print of a bird or a tree, but what about all those microscopic things you spend so much time looking at or labeling in your notebook? You can get pretty arty with molecular biology or genetics, how about an image of DNA on a hoody with each base pair labeled as a classmate?

If genetics makes you sleepy then how about an evolution comic strip type image, or the tree of life? Anatomy is pretty complex so get creative with a diagram of a cow, how many stomachs do they have again?

Cow stomachs custom t-shirt idea


Remember that you can mix images with text and the print doesn’t have to be right in the middle, it can be anywhere you want, back, front, sleeve, neck…it can do loops around you if you like! Evolution created the giraffe, how original can you be? (Yes, that is a challenge to you!)

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