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Direct to Garment (DTG) versus Screen Printing – A Custom T-Shirt Contest Revisited

In August of 2012 we wrote an analysis of custom screen printing versus Direct-to-Garment. Based on our experience we found that screen printing offered superior results. Prior to our work we had never seen a direct comparison. We recently stumbled upon another comparison, with photos. We’re reassured of our conclusions because the results of this test are the same as ours: if you can, opt for screen printing. Check out these two posts by BareFaceTees:

This first post talks about the color brightness of Direct-to-Garment printing. They followed up their first order with a batch of screen printed t-shirts and were able to take a side-by-side picture that clearly shows a difference between screen printing and Direct-to-Garment printing. DTG is still a great way to have a low volume of t-shirts printed at a reasonable price. We hope these help you decide which process to use for your project!

comparing dtg printing to screen printing on t-shirts