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vagabond performance logo branding

Vagabond Performance: Creating a Bold Brand Logo

Vagabond is a CrossFit gym, and one of our repeat customers.  They wanted to drum up excitement for a new initiative, and asked us to help them with the branding.  The “Vagabond Performance” logo was create to have a bit of grunge, and a lot of bold. We think it’s up to the task. Because […]

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dance team custom tshirt

Style, cut, and design: Street Hype Dance Troop Project

When you hear the words “street hype”, what do you think of?  A flash mob? Fancy over-the-top advertising? In our case, Street Hype was a hip, youth dance team in the Boston area in desperate need of some cool new apparel.  While the design itself speaks to the group’s solidarity, we wanted to point out […]

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sell custom apparel through the internet on your computer

Promote Your Organization With Custom Apparel, Part Two: Online Channels

Last week we gave a basic overview of why you should consider selling custom apparel for your organization (see “How To: Promote Your Organization (And Raise Money) With Custom Apparel, Part One“). This week’s post delves more deeply into choosing where to sell your custom t-shirts, and takes a close look at online options. After […]

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Boston Medical Center Clinic’s Logo Design, Before and After

The Boston Medical Center plays an integral role in keeping Boston residents healthy and safe. Project TRUST was started as one of the city’s only free walk-up street STD clinics. The clinic is truly intended to be used by the people. As such, the Boston STD Clinic sees visits from prostitutes, to college students, and […]

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