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Promote Your Organization With Custom Apparel, Part Two: Online Channels

sell custom apparel through the internet on your computer

Last week we gave a basic overview of why you should consider selling custom apparel for your organization (see “How To: Promote Your Organization (And Raise Money) With Custom Apparel, Part One“). This week’s post delves more deeply into choosing where to sell your custom t-shirts, and takes a close look at online options.

After you determine your audience, the next task is to think through where they audience likes to buy things.  Online is a fantastic option for new start-ups because the “barrier to entry” is low. You won’t have any of the overhead costs of running an in-person store, and you will have a heavy hand in the development and creativity of the online space you dream up.

You could use a hosted retail store such as, or start your own online retail store. is a popular site for do-it-yourself retailers.  You can check out for an example of a customized site. Easy to use, and easy to maintain- the only drawback is it can be difficult to reach your audience if you don’t already have a group set up and interested in your products. However, if you want to go online and don’t have a “built-in” audience, don’t despair. Through a little back-end work and training in search engine optimization, you can help your audience find you.

Next week we’ll cover in-person options for selling custom apparel. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below!