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Style, cut, and design: Street Hype Dance Troop Project

dance team custom tshirt

Here’s to looking hip, and keeping cool.

When you hear the words “street hype”, what do you think of?  A flash mob? Fancy over-the-top advertising?

In our case, Street Hype was a hip, youth dance team in the Boston area in desperate need of some cool new apparel.  While the design itself speaks to the group’s solidarity, we wanted to point out the group’s pick in terms of cut and fabric.  When you are thinking about new apparel for your organization, a lot of thought will go into design.  However, the style and fabric you choose are equally important.

Street Hype went with Royal Apparel super soft triblend tanks.  Form and function at its finest!  For a dance troop, breathability is essential.  The loose (but flattering) tank suited them perfectly, and the softness of the tee made the outfit comfortable to work out in.

When choosing next custom t-shirt, let us in on all the details of how you’ll be wearing it!  We’d be happy to make suggestions from our extensive catalog.