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Guide to 2014 Custom Apparel – Pants

2014 screen print apparel art 3


Whether doing yoga, going for a jog, or intensely viewing football – you want to be comfortable. Here are four great options.


1. Alternative Eco-Fleece sweatpants. Alternative Apparel makes some of the coziest gear around. These sweatpants are no different. Relax in comfort.

alternative eco fleece premium sweat pants

2. J. America Ladies Zen Fleece Pants. These pants look worn in and are sure to feel like your favorite pair of pants.

j. america ladies zen fleece premium sweatpants

3. Royal Apparel yoga pants are Made in the USA and have the comfort and quality you’d expect from our local manufacturers.

royal apparel cotton yoga pant

4. Weatherproof Open Bottom sweatpants are classic. They are recommended to anyone looking for a solid pair of sweatpants. They’re heavy-duty, comfortable, and warm. What else could you want?

weatherproof open bottom heavy duty sweatpants